Gray Elegance in the Bathroom


Gray elegance in the bathroom will inspire bathroom decorating ideas. Approximately 6 square meters in the bathroom, with soft gray color dominated tiles and cabinets designed a very modern and simple bathroom. ‘Gray elegance in the bathroom’ is here as Od Room of the Week..

The bathroom has a unique relaxation area with gray elegance. If you need advice on bathroom decorating ideas, you can get inspired by looking at how a bathroom is built on an area of ​​about 6 square meters. White and soft gray transitions are used for a bright and spacious view of the bathroom with a small window. Dark gray ceramic parquet flooring is preferred and three different natural stones are preferred on the walls of the bathroom. Ceramic tiles on the bathtub and large wall of the bathtub, glazed granite on the side walls of the bathtub, match-patterned tiles between the bathroom cabinet and mirror are featured. Because of the softness of the light and gray color, three different natural stones did not create any confusion, but on the contrary contributed to the spacious and bright appearance.

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banyodagrizarafeti5 The bathtub is integrated with a half glass wall, not closing with a monolithic glass door. There is a large seating area next to the bathtub, which is slightly smaller than the wall-to-wall dimension. On the wall where the bathtub is, there is a simple shelf made of marble and shampoos. There is a wire shelf on the side wall of the shower section to accommodate towels. Thus, a modern and simple bathroom was designed.

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The gray elegance in the bathroom was maintained with cupboards. With its gray cabinets, mirrored cabinet and two sconces right next to it, it made a very elegant impression. The fixtures used in the bathroom were also stylish and made a stunning choice. The wall-hung toilet is located just across the gray bathroom cabinet.

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We recommend you to take a look at the zar gray elegance in the bathroom ti which we selected as Od Room of the Week iniz where you can get inspiration for bathroom decoration ideas.





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