Important Details in Bathroom Decoration Lighting

Important Details in Bathroom Decoration Lighting

When decorating your bathroom, taking into consideration the lighting pattern of your bathroom will help you get a better look. Using the right lighting will not only make your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing and pleasant; you do makeup, shaving and so on. makes your work look clearer. The importance of lighting in bathroom decoration is now better understood because those who think and care about this work in detail can recognize the positive result in their bathrooms. What should you pay attention to when deciding on the lighting of your bathroom?

  • Is your bathroom ceiling low or high?
  • Is it receiving light?
  • Big or small?
  • Where does lighting stand better and give light?
  • Which color and type of lamps should be used?
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High Ceiling / Low Ceiling Bathrooms

If you have a high ceiling bathroom, you can choose the kind of lighting you want as a ceiling light. If the ceiling is low, avoid using a pendant lamp as much as possible. This will both make the area smaller and there is a possibility of hitting your head.


  Light / Non-Bathrooms

When evaluating Bathroom Decoration Ideas , you can also consider whether your bathroom receives daytime lighting for the lighting system. You can specify the type and number of lighting you will use accordingly.

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  The size of your bathroom is very important

If your bathroom is large in lighting choices, you can benefit from the ceiling lamp as well as mirror and corner lighting. Each bathroom must first have a general lighting. This is possible with the ceiling lamp.


  Where Should Lighting Be?

You can use the lighting around the cabinets that you use frequently, even inside them, mirror tops, corners and ceiling. It is good not to use too bright light on the mirror so that your vision is not negatively affected. You can make your work more comfortable like makeup or shaving.

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  Which Color and Type Lamps Should be used?

In bathroom decorations , the ceiling light should be white light. This will provide a clear view in general. In addition, lighting such as sconce, which you use as an aid, may be slightly dim. Led lamps are moisture resistant and suitable for bathroom. In addition, blue and green lights in the bathroom can create a pleasant air, a clean image. They also help make your bathroom look wider.

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