New Trend in Bathrooms: Built-in Bathtubs

Bathroom culture and designs change as time goes on. Beyond our habits, getting used to different designs can sometimes take less than expected. These designs, which we used to see in the suite rooms of the hotels until a few years ago, are now guests in the bathrooms of our homes. Both in terms of appearance and aesthetics and useful in terms of these new designs will appear more often.

More  Hammock Tub

ddek the-walk-in tub-1

ddek the-walk-in bathtubs-2

ddek the-walk-in bathtubs-3

ddek the-walk-in bathtubs-4

ddek the-walk-in bathtubs-5

ddek the-walk-in bathtubs-6

ddek the-walk-in tub-7

ddek the-walk-in bathtubs-8

ddek the-walk-in tub-9

ddek the-walk-in tub-10

ddek the-walk-in tub-11

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