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We bring you 5 projects that are easy to do with DIY decoration ideas. 5 decoration projects that you will have fun while doing and that will add elegance to your home after you do it…

With DIY decoration ideas, you can both relax your head and bring very stylish decoration ideas to your home. You can have hours of fun with DIY decorating ideas that are extremely easy to do to get rid of stress during the week. At a low cost, you can take a look at ‘5 DIY decorating ideas’ where you’ll be proud of yourself.

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Lace Flower Pots


You can use materials such as lace and festoon for your flower pots. It is quite simple to beautify your extremely ordinary flower pots. Cut the materials such as lace and scallops in your house to the size of your pots, apply transparent adhesive to the pot and stick the laces. It is both a simple and extremely stylish project for DIY decoration ideas…

Silhouette Lamps


You can make your ordinary lamp or lampshades more flashy with a small touch. First, decide the template to be reflected in your lamp. Fix the template to be printed on the lamp or lampshade. Start drilling with a pin on the template. Perform drilling until the entire template is finished. When you turn on the lamp you will have a great lighting!

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Frames of Flowers


Another easy project that you can do with DIY decoration ideas değerlendir With this project you will evaluate your old frame and add a wonderful accessory to your home. A little artificial flower, a silicone gun and the template you want to apply will do the trick.



It is possible to realize a great DIY project with ice cream sticks. You can give your home a unique accessory at a very low cost. Adhere ice cream sticks to form a snowflake. After the sticks you have pasted dry, paint them to any color. Rope or ribbon hanging from the ceiling or wall if you want.

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Felt Wall Decoration


If you want a parent project for girls or girls decorating room ideas is a great project! Cut the hearts from the felt and attach them to the ropes, fix them all to a strip board. It will be a different and unique project for the ideas of wall decoration to the doorways, especially in the bedrooms or hallway.

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