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DIY Projects with Mandal

DIY projects with latches offer great decorating ideas. With the latch which is a very cheap material, you can bring many innovative and different ideas to life from the final to the mirror, from the flower to the hanger.

Do-it-yourself projects with pegs are both fun and useful. Latches are perhaps one of the most useful and inexpensive inventions ever made. Beautiful, convenient and affordable pegs can be promoted from laundry duty. Latches, which are suitable for the implementation of many examples in design, are ready for their new duties in the houses. From fruit basket to final, flower pot to frame, hanger to flower pot, you can make many designs using this beautiful material. We offer you a stylish and sympathetic yap do-it-yourself projects “that you will enjoy while you are doing and be proud of yourself.

Accessories for balconies and gardens

Separate the latches from the mechanism and fasten them together. You can get help from a round template or glass to create the focal point. By tying a rope to the end, you can have a great accessory for your balcony-garden. You can use your balcony or garden accessory in its raw form or you can paint it in any color you like.

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You can also consider your accessory for balcony or garden as a final. With latch do-it-yourself projects, colorful finishes will be a good host for your teapots and pots.




You can recycle short canned cans. In this extremely easy project, you just need to attach the latches to the can. Then, you can place your flower.

Candle holder


You can also use your can as a candle holder. Place the tealights in the can of the latches. On summer evenings it will change the ambience of your balcony and gardens.

Fruit basket


It’s easy to make a fruit basket that looks like a work of art. Fasten the latches around the easily bendable PVC coated steel wire and give the desired form. Your fruit basket is ready.

Fun Hangers


These cute hangers will make children especially happy. Do it yourself project that you can do with your child is extremely easy. Locate your latch with the nose to the square plates of any size. Draw and paint smileys on the plates. Paint and paste your latch so that it integrates with the picture. These hangers, which you can use in children’s rooms or in the hallway, are quite fun.

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You can also make a hanger by using latches for foulards, scarves and kitchen towels. You can also catch a joke by painting the pegs. For example, this hanger that resembles piano keys is a great idea for kitchen decoration ideas.



You can realize the magic design power of the latches in the mirrors. You can use the latches to renew your mirror or make a new mirror. The latches are both raw and colorful in appearance. If you’re also looking for a make-for-mirror project, you can also check out the topic here .



Yogurts, ice creams, ready-to-buy products from the market yüzlerce Hundreds of plastic containers we throw away… a great recycle in “do-it-yourself projects“ “For example, you can have a very stylish basket by covering yogurt containers with pegs.

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Frame for Photos


You can hang your photos on the ropes that you will fasten in an old frame. Just like hanging laundry, you can create a fun and different frame using your photos.


It is also possible to edit the same project on your wall without using frames. You can latch your photos by hanging waxed ropes on your wall. On the other hand, you can do the same project for children’s rooms. You can create a fun decoration in the kids room by hanging cute cards instead of photos.



“Do-it-yourself projects with Mandal” offers amazing decorating ideas. The most spectacular of these stylish chandeliers… You can use ready-made chandelier wires as well as you can make any lighting form you want. Afterwards, the latches are fastened and the chandelier is mounted on the ceiling.

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