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Do It Yourself: Different Shelf Ideas

Shelves from the living room to the bedroom, from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the children’s room to the hallway are life-saving. You can also make the shelves for storage space and wall decoration. In yap do it yourself ”projects, we bring different shelf samples.

Small objects, books, collections, toys… All are the most beautiful guests of the shelves, Shelves provide storage space while at the same time making living spaces stylish, they are important elements in creating wall decoration ideas. So, with low budgets, you want to implement different shelves using the materials at hand? We recommend that you use the materials you already have. You should only look at materials that you are not using a bit more receptive. For example, old boxes, stairs, chests, skateboards, drawers, baskets… You can save all the materials that are flat and large enough to take the form of shelves from going to the trash. In this way, you will not only contribute to the environment but also have a furniture that can only be in your home. We’ve selected a number of projects for you, where you can get inspiration for different shelf ideas. One of them will certainly inspire you. Here are great self-made shelf ideas…

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