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Make Your Own Mirror

We offer you creative examples from each other with the Make Yourself Project. The best thing about DIY projects is that we use our creativity as well as re-gaining and evaluating the people at home.

There are many different works in the do-it-yourself projects. You can make the mirrors that you can use in the hall, bedroom, doorway or bathroom with simple projects. Extremely easy projects require creativity and some effort. The projects that you will enjoy the results of will also personalize your living spaces. Here are the creative yap do the same yourself ”projects we have chosen for you.

1. From PVC pipes…

aynanikendinyap1 PVC pipes are used frequently in DIY projects. PVC pipes are very suitable material to improve creativity. It can be easily cut and painted. By cutting PVC pipes into thin strips, you can edit any form around your mirror. You can have a great mirror by painting the PVC pipes in any color.

2. From egg cartons…

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Egg cartons are also a great material for your creativity. You can create beautiful flowers by cutting the inside of the egg cartons. You can make elegant mirrors by painting them in appropriate colors for your decoration and pasting them around your mirror.

3. Mosaic stones…


Another alternative for DIY projects is small mosaic stones. Paste your mirror in the desired form on the plywood you cut and decorate it with small mosaic stones. This beautiful project will look very stylish especially for bathrooms…

4. Ropes…


Ropes also offer creative decorating ideas for DIY projects. In this very easy project, you can use the rope by gluing it around the mirror. If you wish, you can put your little shells on the rope and make your yap make your own mirror ”project.

5. Spray paint…


Place the paste base paper on the mirror and have a great mirror with spray paint. Attach the base paper to the center of your mirror with a tape to prevent it from slipping. A unique mirror with white paint will be yours.

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6. Dried branches


On a beautiful walk in the woods, you must collect the dry tree branches. Because there is a very creative project with dried tree branches. One of them is this wonderful mirror… Wrap the dried branches around your mirror using wood glue. You don’t need to stick the tree branches perfectly. You can also achieve great results by gluing at random.

7. Bamboo trash skewers


Another yap do it yourself ”project that you will do quite economically… You can do a great job at low cost. Bamboo garbage skewers can be painted to the desired colors and paste from the back of the mirror. You can paint the bamboo garbage skewers first, or after spraying, you can apply spray paint to the skewers by covering the mirror.

8. Plastic spoons


DIY projects do not limit creativity. The final state of this mirror may suggest how valuable plastic spoons are. You can make simple materials expensive and unique with creative touches. Cut the handles of the plastic spoons and stick them on a plywood. Then, paint with the colors you want…

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9. Toys…


Toys, figures… Stick and paint on your mirror. A unique yap make your own mirror ”project for both lovers of fun decorating ideas and children’s rooms… It’s easy and fun…

10. From the fund cartons…


The wisdom of colorful background cardboards is unmatched. Place the flowers around the mirror. In this project that you will make with a single color, you can also edit gradient transitions using different colors.

11. Photos from…


If you’re looking for an easier yap do the mirror yourself ”project, this example is for you. You can have a different mirror by pasting the photos you will print from a blueprint around the mirror. Photos of an icon, your family or you… We recommend that you only pay attention to the size of your mirror and the size of your photos.

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