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Return Old Bottles to Lamp

With this project, where you can recycle an old bottle, you can have a stylish lamp for your garden or balcony. If you want a unique lighting in your garden where you have friends chats on summer nights, we have a fun suggestion.

The materials needed for this beautiful lighting that you can mount on your garden fence or wall:

  1. An empty bottle
  2. Teflon tape
  3. Copper plate connection
  4. Ring hanger
  5. Fragment of open copper pipe
  6. End of closed copper pipe part
  7. Two zinc screw nuts
  8. Zinc plated screw
  9. Zinc plated threaded rod
  10. Candle wick
  11. Oil oil
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First of all, let us remind that our lighting is for outdoor use. Instructions for bottle lighting:

  1. Decide where to mount your bottle lamp. Place your copper plate connection and mark the holes in which the screws will enter. Install the nuts at both ends of the zinc plated threaded rod.
  2. Carefully fill the oil oil into the bottle with a funnel. Pass the end of the oil wick through the open copper tube and wrap it tightly with Teflon tape. Cover the copper tubing with the other part. Wait a while for the wick to drain.
  3. Hang the bottle where the roving is placed on the plate you have mounted with the help of the ring hanger.
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Good luck!

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