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Dikey Bahçeler

Nature itself has an extraordinary decorative effect. Plants not only clean the air, they prevent stress and bring peace to their environment. The plants that we usually carry in pots indoors are freed thanks to the designers. In fact, vertical gardens are not a new design, but the way they are decorated to houses is quite amazing. Plants that the city lives long for, enter the houses in a highly revolutionary and artistic way. An innovative solution with a design that allows growth on vertical surfaces and an easy and modular system. Plants and flowers that come to life indoors for nature lovers bring a different dimension to the design. Vertical gardens also benefit both large areas and small areas. It not only looks good but also improves air quality and regulates humidity and temperature.

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ddek the-vertical-garden-2

ddek the-vertical-gardens-3

ddek the-vertical-gardens-4

ddek the-vertical-gardens-5

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ddek the-vertical-garden-13

ddek the-vertical-garden-14

ddek the-vertical-garden-15

ddek the-vertical-garden-16

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