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Fairy Tale Gardens

Fairy tale gardens create a real impression from the books we read as a child. The gardens in many countries of the world seem to have come from fairy tales. Fairy-tale gardens take you on a journey to the world of imagination.

Fairy-tale gardens, the realization of the rich dream world in children’s books muş Once upon a time, there were once fairy-tale gardens ehir Poisonous vines, princesses, fairies, forests, witches, mythical creatures mıs Are you ready to go on a journey to these magnificent “fairy tale gardens” ?

Secret Garden


This mysterious fairy-tale garden in Atlanta, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s “Secret Garden gibi, seems to have come out of little Mary’s dreams. Growing up in India, Mary is sent to her wealthy brother-in-law’s mansion when her parents die in an epidemic. His rich, unhappy brother-in-law is not interested in Mary. In the quaint mansion in the middle of the swamp, Mary discovers that nothing is as it seems. According to Mary, the swamp is actually a wonderful place and has amazing secrets.

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Grimm Brothers and Giambattista Basile won the fairy tale “Cinderella” does not know. One of the “fairytale gardens, is this lush garden in England. The spherical seating area reminds the fairy of Cinderella the car she turned from her pumpkin with her magic wand.

12 Dancing Princesses


These fairy-tale gardens in San Francisco resemble the secret passage in the 12 12 Dancing Princesses ”. Every night, 12 princesses escape from the royal castle to dance through secret passageways and magic forests. This unique garden seems to have sprung from the “fairy tale gardens ği where princesses flee to dance from the castle.



This unique tower in a forest in England gives the feeling that Rapunzel lives in it. Rapunzel, the classic tale of the Grimm Brothers, is like these “fairy tale gardens…… Rapunzel, Rapunzel, stalactite hair, I came, let me hold up gel

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Alice in Wonderland


This interesting garden evokes Levis Carrol’s magnificent book da Alice in Wonderland ”. The garden in London, with its chandeliers, colorful armchairs and interesting frames, is waiting to prepare for the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Tales of Andersen


This tranquil Far East garden almost broke out of the Andersen Tales. The melancholic life of the Far East emperor is as if it were in this garden.

Snow White


One of the “fairy-tale gardens veren that gives the impression of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when you knock on the door… The cute house next to the creek resembles the house where the Snow White expects the 7 Dwarfs.

Beauty and the Beast


This Scottish castle is reminiscent of the castle and garden of Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont’s tale “Beauty and the Beast”. The fairy tale about a beautiful young girl and a prince who turned into a monster has mysterious “fairy tale gardens gibi just like this castle…

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Hansel and Gretel


Faced with being left in the woods because of their evil stepmother, Hansel and Gretel use breadcrumbs to mark the path to return home. But when forest animals eat bread crumbs, the adventures of Hansel and Gretel begin. This charming house and road in the Philadelphia forest is reminiscent of the tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Sleeping Beauty


As if there were “Sleeping Beauty ta in this rose-covered gazebo in Los Angeles biri One of these“ fairy tale gardens an, which evokes Freder Sleeping Beauty ”by Edward Frederick Brewtnall, brings to mind the“ Sleeping Beauty bekleyen waiting for the prince to wake him.

The Frog Prince


This unique meadow in England is reminiscent of the Frog Prince tale. It is as if the princess will drop the golden ball into the lake, the Frog Prince will save the princess’s ball, and the spell will be broken…

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