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With the art of arranging flowers, you can do wonders even with a few simple flowers. Spring, which is a very generous season, brings with it beautiful and colorful flowers. Flowers, beautify the places they are guests at the same time with the energy they create both homes and gives us happiness. So, how can you better present these beauties with the art of flower arranging? In fact, a few simple ideas to make the art of flower arrangement is quite easy. What’s important is a little imagination…

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The way of düzenleme art of flower arranging ”is through creative ideas. For example, you can wrap the cut flowers on the stems of materials such as fabrics, ribbons and festivals, which you can find at very reasonable prices. You can exhibit the flowers you will decorate with ready-made lace in a high vase. It is also possible to use many materials that you do not use at home and remain idle. An old basket, box, lantern, cake mold, jars, cups… All of them can make a wonderful host of flowers with your little touches. You can place your short plants in an old bird cage you don’t use, and you can use a big cup as a flower pot. The small flower pots that you will place in a tray can be displayed very elegantly on your coffee table. It is also possible to combine your flowers with fruits and vegetables. For example, what is the idea of ​​daisies that come out of the peppers? Or green apples, lemons you put under the vase? Every design you make will be special to you and you will make your art of flower arrangement. The examples of flower arrangement that we have compiled for you will inspire you.

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