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The most creative flower pots beautify the balconies and gardens. You can make your garden and balconies unique with different and fun creative pots that you can easily make.

The most creative flower pots are a great idea for fun and different designs, both in terms of recycling projects and for adding personality to your balconies and gardens. Old shoes, an idle bedside table, a few pet bottles, toys, paint cans… The most creative flower pots that will make you think one last time before throwing your things away, they look like a work of art with their recycling en .

1. Most cheerful flower pots


Simple flower pots can make fun for your garden and balconies. You’ll need two large pots for the body and head of the potted toys, and 12 small pots for the arms and legs. If you want to keep your garden toys’ feet longer, you can increase the pots you’ll create. With a little paint, and accessories, your new companion of your garden and balcony is ready…

2. Recycling will be fabulous



Every day thousands of plastic bottles and packaging go to the trash. You can make recycling projects with highly environmentalist ideas. You can use the PET bottles as they are, or color them with a little spray paint.

3. Legos are useful


Your child has grown up and has boxes full of Lego? It’s time to take over your Legos. You can make pots of any size and form with Legos in the colors you want.

4. Is the strainer discarded?


Strainers and kitchen utensils with a depth are not thrown away. Put some soil in it and carefully and beautifully colored flowers are placed. It can be hung using rope or chain if desired.

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5. Let the wheelbarrow carry some flowers


You can retire tired wheelbarrows to host flowers. You can use it without destroying its old form or you can use it in any color you like.

6. Boots, shoes, slippers…


Turning old or worn boots, shoes, slippers into a pot is a fun idea. You can hang them by placing soil and placing flowers, or you can combine them with different decorating ideas in your garden.

7. Old chandeliers became flower pots


It is possible to save old, broken or worn chandeliers or lamps from trash and turn them into a great accessory for your balcony and garden. Inside, you can place plants and flowers that will look amazing with dangling branches.

8. The most creative flowerpots are a simple idea


It is possible to use pots as a concept as well as projects where you can save different objects in your house from garbage. For example, by painting simple pots, you can create great decorating ideas on the walls of your garden and balcony.

9. Bookworm flowers


Before the leaves of your books get rid of, you can place small flowers inside them. Especially cactus varieties will look great in the books.

10. Flowers dressed in pants


If you want to give more fun to your garden and balcony, this project is for you. Old and worn trousers will be the most creative pots for flowers.

11. Both lighting and flower pot

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It is also a good idea to combine lighting elements with flowerpot ideas. Especially when it gets dark, it will add a wonderful ambiance to your garden or balcony.

12. Tiny touches to flower pots


You can make a simple flower pot more special. For example, you can cut small branches and paste them into a flower pot. You can leave the branches intact, paint or polish.

13. Do not throw old belts


Vases, tin cans or old pots around a flowerpot will help you meet a brand new flowerpot.

14. brew flowers in teapot


If your tea kettle has reached the end of its life, it can now be a good host for flowers. Teapots are always among the most creative pots…

15. Pyramid from the flower pots


You can create a great accessory for your garden and balconies by placing the pots of different sizes. Especially colored flowers will shine the star with this pyramid flowerpot.

16. Swing to flowers


The flowerpots you will hang by placing flowerpots into a simple plywood are among the most creative flowerpots. It would be a pretty romantic design for balconies and gardens. You can increase your enjoyment especially in the evenings by putting tiny candles around.

17. Most creative flower pots


Always good use tool for different objects, accessories flower pots. You can turn different objects in your hands into a work of art.

18. Slightly Chalkboard Paint


It’s a good idea to paint a little blackboard on your pots. You can write or paint with chalk on the pots you apply blackboard paint.

19. They were actually PVC pipes…

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PVC pipes are blooming! You can cut PVC pipes according to the dimensions of the place you will apply and make a creative flower pot. You can hang pipe pots or use them on the floor.

20. Paint cans


It is also possible to make the most creative flower pots from the paint cans. You can make fun pots with the feeling of paint flowing from the boxes.

21. Old rubber pot also available


Old tires have plenty of options for decorating ideas. Old tires can be used for the idea of ​​a flowerpot, as well as a swing or tripod.

21. Flowerpots with pockets


Closet or drawer organizers are among the most creative flowerpots. You can use your deep pockets for your beautiful plants and flowers. You can use the organizers by hanging them or using them horizontally.

22. Has drawers with flowers


You can turn your old bedside table into a flower garden. The drawers will be a unique pot for your flowers.

23. Most creative flowerpots with toys


Offers ideas for decorating your son’s unused or old carts, garden and balcony. Old cars, especially for tiny cactus and flowers can serve as a very suitable pot.

24. Most creative flowerpots on poles


You can decorate the poles of your balcony or garden with tin pots that you have colored.

25. Some rope some paint


There is also a less exhausting idea for the DIY project… You can color the thick ropes around the flowerpot in any way you like. We recommend that you continue by gluing the pot with silicone while filling the rope.

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