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Winter Garden Preparations

The right time for those who want to make winter garden preparations hazırlık If you want to enjoy your garden or balcony in winter, winter garden preparations are waiting for you. We researched winter garden models and ‘decoration ideas’ for you.

If you have a garden, balcony or patio where you can enjoy the summer, you can enjoy this pleasure during the winter months. In winter you can not use the garden, balcony, terrace or patio roof and window systems, you can make a winter garden. Today, roof and window systems designed as thermal insulation makes it possible to evaluate these areas easily in winter. You can turn the open spaces into a ‘winter garden’ in order to maintain the pleasure of living in summer and to maintain winter.

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You can build a winter garden as you wish in a small or large square meter area. You should decide for what purpose you will use this area before you start working for winter garden preparations. For example, if you want a winter garden to eat, you should choose a table and chairs to suit your needs. If you would like to welcome your guests in your winter garden for 5 teas, a seating group and coffee table will do the job.

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short-bahcesi20 In addition, when making your winter garden, make sure that there is a system with a cover. In order to use it easily in summer months, the system will be useful for you. In this way, you will evaluate this area in summer and winter.

You can start the ‘winter garden preparations’ by choosing a seating group suitable for the size of the area, flowers and plants suitable for the season and lighting elements. Pillows, rugs, flower pots and lanterns in the colors and patterns appropriate to your decoration will make your winter garden stylish. Especially rugs or carpets in your winter garden must be sure. Rugs and carpets that match your decoration style will give your winter garden a stylish and warm look and cut the cold air on the floor. Throwing soft blankets on sofas or banners will add a warm ambience to your winter garden. You can also place your hobbies in your winter garden. For example, if you like to knit, you can place your balls and needles in a wicker basket.

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We bring you stylish decoration ideas from which you can get inspiration for winter garden preparations…





















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