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10 Easy Ways to Bring the Beach Home

We offer you suggestions on 10 easy ways to bring the beach home. Maybe you had a short holiday, maybe this year since the holiday luck did not laugh at your face. With our suggestions, the beaches will come to your home.

There are 10 easy ways to bring the beach home. You can bring the beach home with a few small touches and low costs. After a short vacation, it is difficult to leave the beach, the sea and return home. Wandering in the beautiful sands of the beach, sunbathing, sunbathing keyif The most sad part of a beautiful holiday is the return dönüş Even worse, this year to be unable to holiday. Both for those who return home after a short holiday and those who have never been on vacation, we have suggestions to blow the beach air in their homes. Here are 10 easy ways to bring the beach home…

1. Sea shells

Seashells, with their magnificent forms, are always important heroes in terms of decorating ideas. You can use the shells that are a must for a beach house in your living spaces. A glass lantern, a vase or a straw basket placed in the sea shells, will bring the sound of waves to your home. It is also possible to evaluate seashells with wall decoration ideas. You can use the seashells, which you will use by placing them in the frames, by decorating a lampshade hat.

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2. Sailboats

The sailboats will remind you of the sea and make you feel good. You can place sailboat accessories of different sizes in coffee tables, consoles or kiosks. You can build a great corner using a few sailboats together.


3. Blue-white coolness

Blue and white are ideal for creating a beach house. You don’t need to change your couches to use blue and white. White drapes or peaks on the couches will work. You can create a wonderful beach house with pillows in blue and white colors. Blue – white coolness will fill your living room … You can also complete the decoration of your living space with blue – white accessories. You can also find the perfect harmony of blue and white in the bedrooms. You can create your beach house with blue and white pillows on a white bedspread. Perhaps the most striking of the 10 10 ways to bring the beach home, is to play with the colors in your place.

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4. Lightweight rugs, jute carpets…

It’s time to remove the carpets from your winter home. If you want to bring the beach home, send the carpets for cleaning and then store them for use in winter. Lightweight rugs on the floor, jute carpets are ideal for the beach house.


5. In the tables, boats, ships…

Get inspired by wall decorating ideas to build a beach house. In particular, you can hang objects on your walls, framing objects that recall the sea and the beach. For example sandals, ships, seascape paintings on your walls will evoke the beach. You don’t need expensive tables to do this. You can use the pictures to be downloaded from the internet by printing from the blueprint.


6. Ropes

When building a beach house, you can place ropes. For example, you can wrap lighting elements such as chandeliers or lampshades with ropes. If there are thick beams in your living space, you can capture a striking image by decorating the beams with ropes. It’s a good idea to decorate the pots with ropes.

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7. Wickers, rattan furniture

You can apply the concept of a beach house from your bedroom to the lounge, from your balcony to your bathroom or kitchen. You can place a rattan chair or coffee table in your balcony or lounge. Wicker accessories and baskets are also one of the 10 10 easy ways to bring the beach home……


8. Large plants

Particularly in the decoration of your room, opening up large plants will strengthen the feeling of a beach house. Large woody plants can use in wicker flower pots.


9. Lanterns, candles…

If you want to maintain the feeling that you are at the beach when it gets dark, remember the lanterns and candles. You can use lanterns and candles in your bedroom, lounge bathroom, balcony or your garden.


10. Lightings

The last of the kolay 10 easy ways to bring the beach home alar is the lighting. You can decorate your stalactites, sconces or lampshades with beach breeze. For example, tassels, ribbons, tied to stalact lamps are a good idea.


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