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If you say in get the libraries in order bu, this is for you. Books lead us to an immense world, we get lost in it ikçe As you turn pages, surprises and excitement increase. The books we read are not old, we always want them with us. Because they are guides of other worlds. The bookshelves that we place in one corner of our house are indicative of the greatest wealth. At the same time, bookcases are the most decorative furniture of our living spaces. Books also create harmony of the library. But a messy bookshelf can disrupt the entire layout of the space. So, what should be done to create a regular library? Here are the answers… At the same time, we recommend you to look at the most beautiful library examples.

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If you say s Let the libraries get organized ‘

  1. Start filling the bookshelves from the bottom. Place your heavy, longest books on the lowest shelf. If you have extra space in this area, you can also place boxes with lids for trinkets.
  2. You can make the center shelf a focal point. That’s why you can put your favorite authors’ novels or serial books here. The middle shelf is also ideal for your book collections. If you don’t have enough books to fill the shelf, you can use a vase or heavy accessories as a support.
  3. On the shelf just above the middle shelf, you can place stylish accessories such as sculpture and candle holders. Depending on your taste, you can place the accessories symmetrically or asymmetrically.
  4. On the top shelf of your library, you can put your weightless, thin books. In this way, you achieve an order by balancing the whole.
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