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Brick Walls

Bricks, one of the basic elements of building materials, have been frequently used recently in modern interior design. Particularly in industrial interior designs, brick blocks create an atmosphere of difference and personality. In addition, the use of brick with glass, steel and wood materials provides a strong effect. Bricks, which can be used in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and doorways, contribute to a striking design with a natural look.

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DDekor-Tugla Walls-1

DDekor-Tugla Walls-2

DDekor-Tugla Walls-3

DDekor-Tugla Walls-4

DDekor-Tugla Walls-5

DDekor-Tugla Walls-6

DDekor-Tugla Walls-7

DDekor-Brick Walls-8

DDekor-Tugla Walls-9

DDekor-Tugla Walls-10

DDekor-Brick Walls-11

DDekor-Brick Walls-12

DDekor-Tugla Walls-13

DDekor-Brick Walls-14

DDekor-Tugla Walls-15

DDekor-Brick Walls-16

DDekor-Brick Walls-17

DDekor-Tugla Walls-18

DDekor-Tugla Walls-19

DDekor-Brick Walls-20

DDekor-Brick Walls-21

DDekor-Tugla Walls-22

DDekor-Tugla Walls-23

DDekor-Brick Walls-24

DDekor-Brick Walls-25

DDekor-Brick Walls-26

DDekor-Brick Walls-27

DDekor-Brick Walls-28

DDekor-Tugla Walls-29

DDekor-Tugla Walls-30

DDekor-Brick Walls-31

DDekor-Tugla Walls-32

DDekor-Tugla Walls-33

DDekor-Tugla Walls-34

DDekor-Brick Walls-35

DDekor-Brick Walls-36

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