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Hallway Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for hallway decorating ideas, we offer you many examples. Take a look at a few examples to get rid of boring corridors, so you can get ideas for hallway decorations. With hallway decorating ideas you can transform your boring space into a unique place.

Corridors that connect all rooms. They often leave their destiny with a monotonous image. The corridors are passages and are not as important as the other rooms. But you can create creative and different corridors that will make you feel as special as the rest of your home. Hallway decorating ideas will give you unique inspiration examples from each other.

Hallway decorating ideas but how?

We wish you to be inspired by one of the stylish, fun and different applications we chose for you in the hallway decoration ideas…

1. Throw a rug…
In particular, a rug or carpet is the ideal way to color a corridor whose walls are plain and unpretentious. Colorful and striking carpets / rugs are a unique choice for hallway decorating ideas. If you have a narrow hallway, a horizontal striped rug would be a great idea. A colorful rug or carpet will draw attention to the floor instead of the simplicity on your wall. Rugs along the corridor will have a dramatic effect. If you find it difficult to find rugs in the length of the corridor, you can use them by sewing 2-3 rugs of the same length. You should not use carpets and rugs as 2-3 pieces in order not to divide the length of your corridor.

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2. Art gallery…
Would you like to turn the walls of your long corridor into an art gallery? If you don’t have enough pictures to create an art gallery, you can print out your favorite pictures from the internet. You can create your own art gallery by choosing frames of your desired size. You can edit the frames as you wish, and you can decide for yourself the materials and dimensions of the frames.


3. Family photos…
Instead of an art gallery, you can also use your family photos to escape your boring hallway. You can hang your family photos on frames or create a great display area with a few nails, rope and pegs. Family photos you create with hallway decoration ideas will create a warm transition area.

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If you have a large enough corridor, you can use it as a stylish decoration and storage space. By placing a console-shaped cabinet in your hallway, you can create storage space for shoes or trinkets. The stylish and elegant accessories you will place on it is one of the “hallway decoration ideas…“


5. Lighting…
Many of the corridors are away from daylight due to lack of windows. Therefore, lighting elements become even more important in corridors. Showy pendant lamps are a unique option in hallway decorating ideas.


6. Paneling…
The idea of ​​paneling on the corridor walls is quite elegant. One of the most elegant and stylish “decorating ideas lamb, the paneling also helps protect your walls.

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7. Bookcases, shelves…
Book storage is never enough for bookworms. If you need extra space for books, you can use your corridor. With libraries and shelves you can build a wonderful space in your hallway.


8. Wall decoration ideas…
You can think of the walls of the corridor as an empty pallet. What would you like to see on the way to the connection to the rooms? A giant world map, fun wall stickers… Today there are many wallpapers and stickers and wall decoration ideas. One of them is for you…


9. Mirror mirror tell me…
Using mirrors in hallway decorating ideas is a unique experience… You can create a more spacious space by using a mirror, especially for narrow aisles. You can apply a stylish decoration to your hallway with the mirrors you will use in different sizes.


10. Paint decoration ideas…
You can turn your hallway walls into a work of art with paint ideas. Creating streaks with paints, applying different patterns is both fun and highly creative. koridordekorasyonipuclari10

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