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How to Light a Windowless Room?

If you are looking for an answer to the question nasıl How to light a room without a window? Imiz, we have a few suggestions. It is not as difficult to imagine a windowless room as spacious and bright.

Especially in the ground floor apartments, you can save the windowless rooms from being dark and gloomy. The windowless rooms can be more spacious and bright with creative home decorating ideas. There are many clever decoration ideas on nasıl How to light a room without a window?.

How to light a room without a window?

Rooms away from daylight have problems with both ventilation and lighting. Before lighting, you should pay attention to the paint and insulation of the rooms without windows. When choosing a paint, you should always choose a moisture inhibiting paint. Particularly in the ground floor apartments, the rooms without windows can be just rooms, as well as bathrooms, kitchens, salons or bedrooms. With smart home decorating ideas, you can turn all dark and gloomy rooms into bright spaces from the kitchen to the bathroom and from the living room to the bedroom. Here are 5 smart answers to the question dekorasyon How to light a room without a window? Dekorasyon

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1. Mirrors

Perhaps the most important answer to the question nasıl How to light rooms without windows? Ir is mirrors. In addition to being able to reflect all the lighting elements, the mirrors also give a sense of depth to claustrophobic walls. You can also make a fake window view with mirrors. In a place with a low ceiling, you should install the mirror a little closer to the ceiling. A large mirror will both create the impression of a window and enhance the sense of depth by reflecting all existing lighting elements.

2. Light color walls

It is necessary to emphasize once again that you should select the ones that prevent moisture when choosing paint. When it comes to color selection, you should include tones that reflect light. The best colors for the question latıl How to light a room without a window? ”Are shades of white and light ice blue. White or light ice blue shades help simulate light; allows light to flow. It also contributes to the decoration ideas you will focus on. Spacious and bright colors make your accessories and paintings remarkable.

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3. Art on the walls

You can also use tables for fake windows that you create using mirrors. You can break the gaps in the walls by placing large frames on the walls. Even metallic silver-framed paintings are a great answer to the question of nasıl how to light a room without a window ”.

4. Hidden lights

The elements of lighting are extremely important for rooms without windows without daylight. You can include different lighting elements according to the needs of your place. For example, you can use different lights in areas such as reading, preparing meals, and resting. You should definitely use plenty of daylight bulbs. Hidden lights will also create great effects in windowless spaces. Hidden lights inside the cupboards, behind furniture or between beams allow the light to flow through the entire space and help in areas where you want to emphasize.

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5. Transparent compartments

If you have a large living space with no windows, you can divide the spaces and make them transparent. For example, you can open windows on the walls of two separate rooms to provide refreshment. You can use a combination of glass and mirrors close to the ceiling in high privacy areas. Or you can place frosted windows in the windows where you divide the spaces. You can even use curtains for windows where you divide different living spaces.

It is possible to apply home decoration ideas in a rational and creative way for those who seek the question arayan How to light a room without a window?.. The best answers to the question nasıl How to light a room without a window? Gizli are hidden in inspiring photographs fotoğraf














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