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Laundry Rooms

The comfort of having a laundry room at home is indisputable. With these rooms you can get rid of the washing machines in the bathrooms and kitchens. You do not need a very large room for the laundry room , which is not very common in our country. Nowadays, you can achieve big jobs in small spaces thanks to the wall-mounted systems. Areas such as closed balconies, staircases, pantries can be transformed into laundry rooms with the right design.

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What do you need?

Washing machine, dryer, baskets for colored and whites, clothes hangers, cupboard according to the size of your space. If there is no cupboard, a small shelf will do the trick. The combination of all these will save you time and make your work easier. If you spend a significant amount of time in the laundry room , you can make it more pleasant and decorative here. Bring some of the flowers in your house here or decorate the walls to give your room a completely different look.

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