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Mirror Coated Walls

You can create unique spaces with mirror-covered walls. Mirrors undoubtedly show the space more spacious and spacious. So, instead of a small-scale mirror to be mounted on the wall, would you like to build wonderful spaces with mirror-covered walls?

Mirror-lined walls… Maybe an extreme idea might be coming up. But with creative examples, mirror-covered walls turn into spectacular “decoration ideas.. Mirrored walls, which are applied with different ideas, make the space look bigger and at the same time give a feeling of spacious and bright. Mirror-covered walls come up with very different applications in terms of decoration ideas.

How to make mirror-coated walls?

From the living room to the bedroom, from the bathroom to the garden, you can get spacious, bright spaces with a strong sense of depth. You can use a monolithic mirror in the space, or you can apply wood or different materials together to break the gigantic look. Mirrors are a very suitable material both in terms of decoration ideas and functionality. We usually use mirrors that we hang on the wall in smaller dimensions. Sometimes for decoration and sometimes for use dır A must in bathrooms. The mirrors used in living spaces both show the space wide and increase the feeling of light. But how about exaggerating the use of mirrors? Think big with mirrors and make your room unique with mirror-covered walls. Here are the creative examples you will make with the mirror-covered walls iyle Hope to inspire you…

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1. Massive view can break by dividing


You can break the gigantic appearance when creating floor-to-ceiling mirror walls. For example, this wall was painted black with 48 square shaped mirrors. Not only did it contribute to the large display of the space, but also great wall decoration ideas.

2. Can combine different materials


You can combine the mirrors with different materials to break the gigantic look. For example, using wooden panels with mirrors, extraordinary wall decoration ideas … Mirror-covered walls that you create with wooden panels will give the impression of a place with modern decoration. On the other hand, wood panels, a table, allows you to hang accessories such as the clock.

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3. Dark colors can soften with mirror coated walls


You can use mirror-covered walls for bedroom decorating ideas. The mirror-covered wall just behind your headboard will give you a sense of depth. In addition, if you have dark furniture, you can soften the colors thanks to the mirror-coated walls, you can get very stylish bedroom decoration ideas with breaks.

4. Mirrored walls in small bedrooms


You can use mirror-coated walls, especially for small bedrooms. You can apply bright, spacious and romantic bedroom decoration ideas by creating an integrity with the headboard.

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5. Mirrored walls in bathrooms and toilets


Mirrored walls, especially small toilets and bathrooms will also work very well. Mirrored walls and small toilets and bathrooms can add a feeling of depth to create more spacious spaces. You can even include vintage mirrors for vintage decorating ideas. At the same time the mirror-covered walls to increase the depth of the short corridors is a unique experience…

6. Mirrored walls on the exterior


It is also possible to use the mirrors on the exterior. For example, for a small patio or backyard, you can create mirror-covered walls on the exterior. Mirror-lined walls are a good idea, reflecting the sun, creating views from various angles and showing your small garden quite spacious. While enjoying, you can experience the feeling of sitting in a larger garden with mirror-covered walls.

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