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Polka dots add entertainment wherever it goes. Ready-made clothing and accessories marked every period in the polka dot, a pattern indispensable by interior designers … Polka dots frequently used by designers in home textiles, carpets, armchairs, pillows, pillows, lighting, chair, shows itself in a wide area. Playing with polka dots indoors is perceived as a different and bold approach, but it is enough to make use of it enough. The polka dots that you can use throughout the house with a stylish and modern effect will radiate joy. We introduce the use of polka dots indoors that create a surprising effect in the area it enters. Let the polka dots sprinkle on furniture, walls, carpets, shower curtains, pillows …

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ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_1

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_2

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_3

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_4

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_5

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_6

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_7

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_8

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_9

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_10

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_11

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_12

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_13

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_14

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_16 ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_17

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_18

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_19

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_20

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_21

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_22

ddek is-puantiye_aşkı_23

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