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Provence Decorating Ideas

Provence decorating ideas can do wonders in your home. The beautiful color of the sun, lavender flowers, comfort, laces and patented furniture give a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere. If you want to experience the countryside of southern France at home, we offer you Provence decorating ideas.

How to apply Provence decorating ideas?

The countryside of southern France, the warmth of the sun, the beautiful scent of lavenders ant So, how to apply Provence decoration ideas, what should be considered when choosing furniture? The Provence style, inspired by nature, is a perfect match for comfort lovers. Providing a very inviting atmosphere, you can feel like lying down in a country with Provence decoration ideas. When constructing the Provence style, you should choose natural and light tones. The main feature of the style is patented, rustic furniture… You can easily use country style furniture. But when choosing furniture, you should consider elegant and matte ones. Natural and matt furniture will reinforce “Provence decorating ideas.. You can also use romantic curtains, lace drapes, prairie pillows, soft textiles and worn accessories.

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Provence Decorating Ideas and Color Palette

Provence is the strongest of the style in white and natural colors. You can dance with white pastel tones. You can choose the lightest shades of blue, pink, yellow, lilac, gray, beige and green. When using white in your furniture you can create beautiful stains, for example by making color on textiles and accessories. When choosing textiles, you should definitely choose soft textured and light ones. You can even open your mother’s dowry chest for Provence decorating ideas.

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Your choice of carpet must be for the rug. You should avoid heavy, oriental patterns. Thin rugs will be suitable for an idyllic life. Aged accessories can be placed in every corner of your home. Remember the wild flowers çiçek

















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