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Shelf Decorating Ideas

You can do wonders in your home with low cost and easy applications with shelf decoration ideas. It is possible to apply shelf decoration ideas from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the living room to the bedroom, from the study to the hallway.

Shelf decoration ideas can turn into useful and stylish units, both at low cost and easy to install. Shelves are used quite frequently with their ease of use and stylish appearance. Shelves, which are practical for frequently used items such as kitchens, can also be transformed into stylish units in the living room. Stylish storage spaces for accessories are created and contribute to decoration. So, do you want to get inspired with shelf decoration ideas?

With shelf decoration ideas you can make different applications in every corner of your house. You can set up great spaces, especially using concealed wall shelves. In which rooms, how can shelf decoration ideas, let’s look together…

Kitchen Shelf Decorating Ideas

Kitchens are the most traffic areas of the house. What is most needed in kitchens where the movement never ends is to be practical. For this reason, you can evaluate your belongings which should be at your disposal in open shelf systems. For example, frequently used dinner plates, bowls, cups … Your favorite items in the open shelf system to evaluate your work easier. You can also solve storage areas with open shelf systems to help your kitchen cabinets. You can evaluate the gaps in your walls with shelves in appropriate dimensions. Evaluating your kitchen accessories in open shelf systems is also a great choice. Shelves, which will make a very important contribution to your kitchen decoration, are also another way of displaying your favorite ones… You can get a different ambience in your kitchen by displaying different bottles, jars or cans in open shelf systems.

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Bathroom Shelf Decorating Ideas

Cosmetics, shampoos, towels, soaps … Bathrooms do not object to extra storage areas. Generally, the edges of the washing machine or washbasins are filled with trinkets and are far from pleasant. The most important rule of a stylish decoration is to be organized. You can build storage areas with concealed connected shelves on your bathroom walls. Or a tiny vase, candles are an excellent idea for open shelves in your bathroom.



Living Room Shelf Decorating Ideas

If you don’t want to use ready-made TV units, you can make your own design using shelves in this area. You can realize a unique unit with shelves around your wall-mounted TV. Shelves that you will also use on top of your wardrobe will give you a furniture look. Evaluating the niche areas in your hall with shelves is a smart decoration suggestion hemen You can also create a wonderful area with shelves just above the console. The accessories, frames, and shelves that you place on hidden shelves will be inspiring in terms of living room decoration ideas.

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Bedroom Shelf Decorating Ideas

You can have enough storage in your wardrobe for clothes and accessories in the bedroom. However, with open shelves, you can make your bedroom look romantic and warm. For example, it will be a very good host for shelves, accessories and frames that you will use just above your headboard. Shelves with concealed connections are a stylish suggestion for bedroom wall decoration as they will form a unity with the wall.



Shelf decoration ideas for study rooms and corridors

There are shelf decoration ideas for study rooms and corridors. It always needs storage, especially in study rooms or work areas. Books, pens, lots of trinkets… Open shelf systems provide ease of use and look very stylish. For example, you can build a great work space by using a long shelf with a hidden link just above the area of ​​the wallpaper. It’s also a good idea to use mushroom rolls instead of wallpaper. Shelves will be practical and stylish, especially for children’s work desks.

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In particular, shelves are designed to help you make long corridors more functional. You can make empty corridor walls handy with open shelves. You can showcase your collection on the shelves or use the frames to get great hallway wall decoration. You can also resume shelves on your wall, using angular shelves. If you use several shelves, you can assemble them in line or use the shelves asymmetrically.




Shelf Decorating Ideas in Kids and Baby Rooms

Shelving systems in children’s rooms are always a wise alternative. Shelves for children’s books and toys are both a good storage idea and creative wall decoration ideas. You can also use wall stickers, wallpapers and shelves together. With the help of shelves, you create colorful furniture for children’s rooms.



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