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Source of Inspiration: Coral

Inspiration: Coral an The corals, which resemble a bush with their small branches and fascinate with their unique form, are generally used in jewelry. However, a source of inspiration in home decoration ideas: Coral…

Nature inspires home decorating ideas with its fascinating creatures. One of them is the coral that lives on the warm sea bottoms like the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Corals of unique beauty with small branches and shrub-like form. Corals, which give their name a special color with their colors ranging from warm reddish pink to dark red, are often used in jewelry. However, this special and unique form of beauty also inspires home decoration ideas.

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You can use the color of coral in your home decoration ideas or you can place the form of this unique piece in your living spaces. Coral is especially prominent with its bold color. However, it is possible to interpret with different colors. The coral, which has inspired many designers, is used as home decoration objects.

It is possible to interpret the interesting branches of the coral as a lighting. Thanks to its form, the coral-designed lightings, where you can capture beautiful light games, will also give an extremely sophisticated impression. You can create the impression of a coastal house with coral-shaped lighting, especially in pastoral colors. Nowadays, thanks to coral inspired designers, you can find many coral lighting products from stalact lamps to sconces. You can also use coral-shaped lighting for a modern decoration. For example, in a place with neutral tones, bright red coral sconces will look great.

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An important source of inspiration for wall decoration ideas: Coral. You can place coral paintings or prints on the frames that you will get in appropriate dimensions. An impressive wall decoration with coral frames especially for dining room, bedroom and living room decorating ideas. If you want a striking focal point in wall decoration, you can use coral print with a single, large frame. The coral prints, which can be used both in color and form in the bedrooms, will create a very elegant and natural striking.

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In terms of bathroom decoration ideas, it is an interesting source of inspiration: Coral, both with its water connotation and its elegant form. You can use coral forms in bathroom ceramics, as well as create beautiful areas with coral wallpapers.

Corals come to life in fabric designs kumaş Fabrics with coral-inspired patterns are extremely elegant options for seat and chair upholstery. In addition, fabrics with coral patterns and pillows and cushions will give you home decoration ideas.

From wallpapers to accessories, from lighting elements to fabrics.



















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