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Those looking for decoration ideas in studio apartments, functional and stylish examples from each other. With the increase of single population in urban life, construction companies started to give more space to 1 + 1 – studio flats. So, is it applied as decorating ideas to studio apartments?

If you think that creative decoration ideas are limited in a small space, you are wrong. Decoration ideas for studio apartments are actually rich, smart, creative examples. In a small space, you can build a huge apartment with clever applications and creative home decorating ideas. First of all, remember that every square meter of your studio apartment is very valuable and you have to make very smart applications. Once you have identified your needs, you can decide what kind of living space you want. When you are looking for decorating ideas for studio apartments, you should clarify how to construct the living area, kitchen and bedroom.

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How to decorate studio apartments?

If you have a 1 + 1 studio apartment, you can only organize the kitchen and seating area in the same place. Partitions for studio apartments are extremely smart, but you should not lose the feeling of spaciousness in your apartment. For example, you can divide the kitchen and seating area with a thin and high dresuar, or with a bar table. You should also be careful when choosing furniture in your studio. Every furniture needs to be both smart and functional. If you have a studio with high ceilings, you are quite lucky. With suspended systems you can turn your apartment into a wonderful living space. It is possible to create a study room, hobby corner, reading area or even a bedroom with a suspended system. Living space, kitchen and bedroom if you have to edit in one place you can easily use partitions. For example, you can divide the bedroom and living area with an open bookcase, curtain or television unit. In addition, you can get a different decoration by having the walls designed for different needs.

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When choosing colors for studio decorating ideas, you should focus on the feeling of spaciousness. You can apply light tones to brighten your studio and color games with daylight. Small but functional furniture will always make your job easier. It is convenient for your guests to choose a sofa bed when buying. When buying your coffee table, make sure that it is a model that will contribute to your home decoration and can be easily replaced when your guest arrives.

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If you have a beautiful studio apartment and are looking for decorating ideas for studio apartments, the muse is at work. Here you find decoration ideas for smart and creative studio apartments birbir



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