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“Wild” Impact in Houses

Zebras, tigers, giraffes, leopards… Even though animal patterns are an old-fashioned style, their details keep their place in the interior fashion of every period due to their soothing colors. Exotic wood furniture, tropical prints, bamboo, rattan, plants and ornaments with animal figures are very refined. In addition, designers who use animal patterns in armchairs and textiles promise a rich choice. It is possible to create remarkable living spaces with animal patterns that can be applied to both classic and modern interior design. However, too much use will come to a scary dimension should not be forgotten. Using animal patterns with harmonious colors and furniture, it is necessary to leave room for imagination and allow it to have a good taste… For example, decorative cushions, rugs, vases, paintings can be used to create a perfect harmony with animal patterns. The photos we choose will help you for an adventurous decoration with charming and warm animal patterns…

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ddek-House-in-wild-Effect 3

ddek In-House-4-Wild-Effects

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ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-8

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-9

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-10

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-12

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-13

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-14

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-15

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-16

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-17

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-18

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-19

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-20

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-21

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-22

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-23

ddek In-House-Wild-Impact-24

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