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A Happy Getaway ”Fireplaces in the Mountain House”

Chalet Fireplace Selection

For the choice of chalet fireplaces, it is important whether you use them for heating purposes or for decoration purposes, and whether there is a chimney outlet and ventilation space.

Fireplace Types

  1. Modern Fireplace
  2. Classic Fireplace
  3. Rustic Fireplace
  4. Stone Fireplace
  5. Smokeless Fireplaces

Fireplaces for Decoration

For decoration, you should prefer flue-free fireplaces. It is a good choice to use decorative fireplaces without chimneys which are simple to install and use. It will also provide heating and be located in the most favorite place of your home. Wall type fireplaces can be hung on the wall like a painting table and floor standing fireplaces can be moved. The wall type and other types of these fireplaces can be a decorative choice for the chalet. As there will be no electricity and gas problems, the chimney outlet will give you easy usage and provide a nice image with various models.

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Modern, classic and rustic fireplaces and other fireplace alternatives can also be used for decoration purposes such as fireplaces without chimneys. Gives a modern and luxurious appearance Recently, chimneyless fireplaces are among the most preferred.

Fireplaces for heating

Among the fireplace models that you can use to warm up your chalet, the fireplace you should choose should be stone fireplace and rustic fireplace models. Rustic fireplace models are generally suitable for chalets with natural stone and wooden structures. Among the countries where rustic fireplaces are most used are Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Rustic fireplaces are used as much as classical fireplaces in our country. The rustic fireplaces that address rural areas and chalets should have a base height of 35-40 cm. The design of the fireplace in chalets also changes according to the design of the house. Since the design in chalets is usually made of wood, you should prefer rustic fireplaces and stone fireplaces that will warm your hearts and make your home look beautiful. They will adapt to the layout of your home and be powerful in terms of heating. Due to its old types, it will add a pleasant atmosphere to your house. You should prefer to use brown and black tones in the fireplaces suitable for design. You can also check our other articles in the category of decoration ideas .

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