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Research is not the end when it comes to decoration. Mi Is that so, this is beautiful, and they have done so…… examples can be reproduced even more. We do not make decorations every day in our lives, as a result of that decoration will be used for at least 5 years. Even though the fashion of the decoration changes quickly, some taboos do not change, and some also provide continuity of boredom for many years.

Geometric shaped decoration is one of them. You do not necessarily have to use completely geometric patterns on the wall you will hang on a wall with a geometric pattern changes the air of the room is very different that the range of products with a wide range of geometric patterns.

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As a first example, we can start with decorative mirrors. These stylish mirrors change the atmosphere of the room and adapt to any concept. In addition to these, the perfect bookcases that you can use, such as the geometric showcase, are extremely neat. Of course, consoles with diamonds can be used as consoles.

Geometric shaped decoration products are also easier to find than you think. Wallpapers with colorful triangles, whether you are in an office or in any room of your home, do not allow you to get bored as they are. If you wish, instead of covering the entire room with only one wall wallpaper with geometric patterns and the remaining three walls can choose a different or flat color, which in fact will reveal your concept as well as the complexity of the eye will be prevented.

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Another option is shelves. Today, new and different models are more interesting than classical lines, but finding these models is certainly not difficult. Particularly library and television units can find extremely different and interesting models. This island is ideal for your concept.

Geometric shaped decoration products are easier to find than you think, but if you think that they will actually cause confusion or eye fatigue, check again. Since it is a concept that you will see constantly, watch it continuously and decide whether you will be bored or not.
You’re not bored, are you?
We don’t pay much attention to geometric shapes that are almost everywhere in our lives, but we don’t pay much attention. The computer you use, your desk, books, even the cup you drink water are geometric, but we don’t pay attention. It is precisely from this point that we will not get bored because no one has yet said ke I wish the computer screen was a bit crooked……

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