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Vintage Touches in Your Homes

Is it a coincidence that the original meaning of the word asıl marriage paylaş is derived from the “house uğ that we put in our head, which is expressed by four walls and a roof, while sharing the life of a lifetime and taking the first step to the family institution? If two people loved each other, it would be a house from a haystack. If you couldn’t love anyone, it’s just a house where you can digest your soul in every corner. Everyone’s dream is to live in the best neighborhood, in the most beautiful building, in the newest house, but in the modern society life, to have the newest and the most beautiful, not to have the most beautiful. which is nice to add value and enjoy. The way to do this is to take shape according to the conditions of life and to appreciate the value of what we have. Retro trends, vintage touches and rustic furniture, which have recently re-produced the old trends, are very popular for this reason.

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Whether we are married, students or employees, the spaces we live in affect us and we also affect the spaces. In the beginning, an apartment with four walls lives and lives with us. This is why different apartments of the same apartment and architecture are the same. No matter how much spirit you bring into the house you live in, it will return you as peace and happiness. One of the mistakes made especially by new house builders is to take the furniture from the furniture stores and place them in the houses and not to add anything personal. The perception that the new is beautiful is completely illusion. This is exactly why we see foreign words such as vintage , rustic and retro in all areas from clothing, decoration, furniture to white goods in recent years. Designs emulating the old re-entered our lives. What does vintage mean? How does it create vintage corners in your home ? You can find the answers to your questions in this article.

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Vintage Corners in Your Home

Vintage means the use of valuable and accepted pieces from ancient times. These pieces can be our grandmother’s lace, porcelain coffee set from our elders or a leather coat. Vintage pieces carry the spirit of the period, craftsmanship is valuable, and people show more effort and respect to the objects until today to keep them with memories makes vintage products even more valuable. There are very simple and affordable methods where you can apply this fashion and create vintage corners in your home .

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You can hang the wire cabinet of your grandmother in the village to the entrance of your house by sanding and painting with antique white paint, and you can create a vintage corner by exhibiting your books or old colorful porcelain plates. You can paint a corner of your living room with a single barbecue, which you will get from the past, with a patina paint in light colors and place a tapestry pillow on it to create an area that can adapt to your modern furniture. What makes this fashion most beautiful is the increase in experiences and the value given to the old.

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