Before – After: Elegant Kitchen

Before – After: Elegant kitchen renovation work, a project where dreams come true uz We share the transformation journey of boring and unusable kitchen with you… Lean but elegant application project inspires the kitchen decoration ideas.

Before – After: The elegant kitchen project came to life as a work where the landlord realized his dreams. The boring and unusable kitchen surrounded by old, worn oak cabinets has been transformed into a seductive, stunning kitchen. The kitchen, which was first recovered from the dark and old view by removing oak cabinets, was completely renovated with bright and elegant decoration ideas. White and light gray tones are used for the kitchen to have bright and soft tones.

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The white color used in all kitchen cabinets has a bright and elegant effect on the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are designed in a functional way and ease of use is prioritized. The gray and white soft textured tiles were preferred for the light gray walls. Patterned tiles reinforce the peace and elegance that prevails throughout the kitchen.

Designed as a spruce material, the kitchen island has a food preparation area. In addition to preparing food, the island is designed for both chat and dining. In addition, extra storage areas have been created by providing drawers and cupboards on the kitchen island. Before – After: The most remarkable part of the elegant kitchen project is the red bar stools used on the island. The red bar stools create a striking effect in the kitchen, while maintaining elegance. In addition, a retro antique telephone, used as an accessory, referred to the red bar stools.

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Considering that the landlord buys fresh food every day, it was not preferred to have a large fridge. A little wine was built next to the fridge. At the same time, the functionality of all built-in cabinets has been increased. The drawers and cupboards just below the oven are separated as intelligent storage areas for oven trays.

Walnut laminated parquet is preferred on the floor, while traditional textured marble is used on both the island and the kitchen counter. The natural look of the marble supported the gray and white kitchen. In the elegant kitchen, where the daylight roams abundantly, the lighting elements contributed to both decoration and spaciousness. In addition to the LED lighting placed on the ceiling, three glass watermelon pendant lamps just above the island created a striking effect.

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Before – After: The elegant kitchen project has been implemented in a simple but striking way. We recommend you to take a look at the photos of the project that will inspire you for kitchen decoration ideas.








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